Habitat in Harmony

Rosewood Puerto Papagayo is a Costa Rican home of pure, joyous pura vida luxury, a contemporary nest on a leafy hillside open to the breeze, the blue sky and a sensational view of the Pacific. Here, in a lush oceanfront landscape, is a home, a haven, a breath of fresh air.

Lush and Alive in Costa Rica

You feel an exhilarating vitality the moment you set foot in Costa Rica; the country’s kinship with nature sets you free to explore a vivid world of outdoor adventures from surfing to hiking in vast, protected landscapes. On land and sea, in jungles and waterfront towns, and in the company of the world’s happiest people, you’ll connect with your energetic, elemental self.

At Home in Puerto Papagayo

Rosewood’s A Sense of Place® philosophy brings the resort setting to vivid life. Caring service and a genuine welcome are everyday comforts. Sense, a Rosewood Spa®, promises tranquility and purity, and dining is a journey into fresh authenticity. And of the luxury resorts and residences in Papagayo region, Rosewood Puerto Papagayo is closest to the international airport. In 15 minutes, you’re home, free as a bird.

Artist’s Rendering

Pura Vida Luxury. Pure Opportunity.

The announcement of Rosewood Puerto Papagayo, the first Rosewood in Costa Rica, is exciting news for lovers of this extraordinary country. Rosewood’s A Sense of Place will make Costa Rica’s colors shine even more brightly as the Resort and Residences come to life. You’ll feel right at home.

Live a habitat in harmony.

Rosewood Puerto Papagayo is an exceptional opportunity to call a rare and valuable ecosystem of enjoyment your own. Come be part of the pure ease, simplicity and pura vida luxury of Rosewood Puerto Papagayo.

Exclusive Offering of 45 Residences
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Properties from $450,000 to $2.9 Million USD.